second round, which gave

me vague hope of victory. I bet everything

sob. I know I am going to lose to AlphaGo by 0-3. It's just too desp▓erate for me.""My sobbing drew attention from the referee

who is both my friend and a professional Go player. She gave me a tissue and tried to comfort me by asking 'Ke, what happened?'""I was too sad to even make a complete sentence but murmured

while trembling: 'I can't o it. I can'▓t do it. I can't win. I really can't.'""Then Fan Hui fr▓om AlphaGo's team came to me. He saw me sobbing and patted me on my shoulder: 'It's OK, K▓e

. You are doing well enough. We are all professional Go▓ players and we understand how it feels t

o lose to AI. It's really OK.'""I was deeply touched by them who left their position to comfort me. That moment impr

essed me the most.""I could not stand it anymore. I hugged them and began to cry, in

in that round. However, I made a deadly m

a loud way: 'I can't win! I can't do it!'""I couldn't remember how long I have cried. But I know I need to finish the game

no matter how desperate it is because that is one of the fundamental qualities of a Go player. That's why I returned with tears in my e▓yes and finished the game.""Does it sound absurd? But I

have really tried to do my best."Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChinese AI Go program wins faceoff with top player Ke J

ieChinese AI Go program wins faceoff with top player Ke JieChi▓nese AI Go program wins faceoff wi

th top player Ke Jie04-28-2018 09:37 BJTChin▓ese-developed artificial intelligence (AI) program won the game with Ke

Jie, the world’s top Go player, on Friday in Fuzhou, capital of east China&rsq

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